Chaotic Neutral
Huge nerd with a big love for d&d and books and always ready for an adventure.

Hi! Nice to meet you! I am Daniela, a 27 year old student living in Germany that likes to gush about books and everything bookish.
When I am not cuddling on the couch reading I do like to go camping, play d&d, and hang around with my plants.
I will have a Meet the blogger post soon, where you can get to know me better.

A little Q&A

Why in 450 or less? Because life is so short, too short to read long articles and I usually get bored in the middle, so while I was struggling with finding my writing voice I came to the conclusion that is my voice. I was afraid of it, I hid under a lot of pseudonyms but I understand that this is me, and the world has only one ME!

What is this blog about? Well about stuff, I mean I will mostly write about books, reading is my addiction, but I want to speak my mind about everything that I feel the need to speak about. This is my little piece of the Internet so fasten your seatbelts, and here we go!

What’s a BookSnom?? Well glad you asked, is just like a Bookworm, only cuter. Snom is a Pokemon from 8th generation that is completely adorable. See for yourself.

“I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk.”